Rickshaw powered


Bangladesh is one of the world’s most densely populated countries with high levels of population growth and poverty. The most common form of public transport here is a rickshaw (the locals say riksha). The word is said to originate from the Japanese word ‘’jinrikisha’’. In Japanese language ‘’jin’’ means human, ‘’riki’’ means power or force and ‘’sha’’ means vehicle – so literally, it means human-powered vehicle. Many of the children you support at the Kaliganj school would have parents who earn a small income as rickshaw drivers.

The Everyone Eats school lunch program employs rickshaw drivers everyday to transport the food from the kitchen at the organic farm training centre to the school. In a country where the estimated survival of 5 million people is dependent on this industry,this aims to not only reduce the levels of airborne pollution, but improve the quality of life for all Bangladeshi people over time.

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