Lipu’s story


This is a story of a boy named Lipu who attends the primary school where Everyone Eats gives meals with our giving partner Hunger Free World. It is written by one of our Bangladeshi field agents who overseas the running of our program. As English isn’t the first language of Bangladesh, the style of this report has a unique Bangladeshi charm.

Lipu is the 33rd position in the class. He has one sister. His father is a driver and earns a little amount. This amount is not sufficient to maintain his family. Lipu is a little sick boy. He did not go to school regularly before providing school lunch. He was inattentive in study. He was fond of playing. He played marble with his friends and did not to attend in school. He wandered here and there with his friends. Some days he came to school and other days didn’t come. He even fled away from school after one or two classes. Both his teachers and parents were very anxious about him.  We talked with his parents and they said to us “Their child did not go to school before so much. But now he goes to school regularly. We don’t impose him to go to school. Tiffin (the school meals) has attracted my child so much and he goes to school regularly. He now reads attentively at home too.”

We talked with the Head mistress; saw the attendance sheet and we observed that Lipu did not come to school regularly. We have found that he was absent for 8 days in January, 12 days in February, 9 days in March, 10 days in April. Since the school meals started his attendance has improved a lot only missing 2 days in May and 2 days in June. At present he is trying to continue his class. Other teachers said to us “He is good in study in his class now and his inspiration is going on highly” Lipu said “When I came to school before, I felt hungry and did not engage myself in study. Now I go to school regularly, have school lunch”.


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