Red Robyn


No one really ever likes being the first person at a party. Thoughts rush through your mind – did I get the time right? is this the right venue? was the theme really superheroes? But we all know that a party only ever gets started because one person showed up first. Just as a single spark starts a fire, a single person gets a party pumping.

Similarly, but much less metaphoric, Red Robyn is the first café to join Everyone Eats in its latest iteration and we’d like to give Robyn and all of her staff a big high five. Right from the get go they have been super supportive in everything that we’ve done and have gone out of their way to help out. It’s not all that surprising really as the whole team is very passionate about whatever they do – whether it’s hand crafting allergy free and gluten free gastronomic delights, brewing the perfect cup of coffee or giving meals to children living in need.

So a big thanks to Red Robyn – welcome to the party!