Jobs in Kaliganj


Fishing is not just a pastime for families in the Kaliganj area, it’s a way of life, providing both a source of food and income. The rivers and streams of Bangladesh are home to more than 200 tropical species of freshwater fish, but over half of these are on the endangered species list – chemical pesticide run-off has polluted many of the rivers.

By supporting organic school lunches, you’re helping to increase the demand for chemical-free food production practices. So as well as giving healthy meals you’re helping to create a healthier environment for all Bangladeshis.

Why Bangladesh?

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At Everyone Eats, our mission has always been to help others make a meaningful difference in the world – and Bangladesh is a place where a difference is needed. There are so many facts and figures about this country that will make your eyes water but a story that I heard while I was over there wrenched my heart more than anything and really typifies the spirit of the place.

The majority of Bangladesh is exposed to floods which come every year and wipe out farmland, houses and personal property. With a massive population in a very tiny country there just isn’t anywhere else for people to live. Yet with an iron resolve Bangladeshis soldier on and make the most out of their trying circumstances. One initiative that farmers have taken is to trade their flocks of chickens for flocks of ducks. The reason being that when the floods do come, ducks will float whereas chickens will not.

This example of determination and practicality is just one of many that highlights the strength of Bangladesh’s mothers, fathers, brothers and sisters. There are many challenges that Bangladesh faces politically, economically, socially and geographically but the people will always break things down into bite size pieces and face them head on. For that reason, Everyone Eats will be assisting in our small but significant way.